Ebro Foods has agreed to offload its Alimentation Santé organic ingredients commercial enterprise to Sweden-primarily based Midsona for approximately €57.5 million.
Alimentation Santé specialises in natural and plant-based foods, and its Celnat, Vegetalia and Satoki brands keep strong market positions in France and Spain.
Celnat specialises in natural oat products, even as Vegetalia and Satoki offer various natural vegetarian merchandise and plant-based meat options inclusive of veggie burgers. Alimentation Santé and its brands completed €35 million.
This disinvestment might allow Ebro Foods to continue to pay attention its sources in promoting its top class, clean and comfort business.
The acquisition strengthens Midsona’s presence within the natural and plant-based meals and presents new and specific abilities in attractive segments together with plant-primarily based meat alternatives.
Once the purchase has been completed, Alimentation Santé will function as a separate entity, beneath the management of its contemporary control crew led by way of handling director Marjolaine Cevoz Goyat.
Peter Åsberg, CEO of Midsona stated: “Following the a success expansion of our main natural and plant-based totally brands during the Nordic vicinity, we are now aiming to emerge as a pacesetter in Europe.
“The acquisition of Davert closing 12 months supplied us with an essential platform inside the DACH place, which we lately complemented by the addition of Eisblümerl. Alimentation Santé is an important platform for in addition increase in France, Spain and different southern European markets.”
Xavier Reischer, president of Panzani delivered: “As we refocus on our center enterprise, we’re pleased that Alimentation Santé can be joining Midsona, which we see as a really perfect destiny owner of the Company.”

The Downside of Eating Organic
You can be surprised once I let you know there may be a drawback to shopping for natural. And it’s now not fee.
Unless your selection to buy organic food is based on sound principles, your dedication and solve will both fade. And this is particularly genuine in case you are handiest doing so because you suspect organic food is come what may healthier than other meals.
After a little while you are probable to tire of paying a top class for organic – in particular whilst you do not have a sturdy knowledge of precisely why you are doing it.
Without that robust knowledge of the advantages of natural, you run the danger of mindlessly switching lower back to mass-farmed meals.
And if you suppose the gain of organic is all approximately vitamins, you are unsuitable.
There’s been no scientific proof that shows organic ingredients are more nutritious than non-natural. No, the large “why” revolves round a considerable bad.
That bad is virtually the truth that traditionally-farmed ingredients harm our bodies. But do not worry… I’m going to give you a few first-rate recommendations on the way to prevent money, assist you keep away from food risks and enhance your fitness and properly being.
What’s Wrong With Mass-Farmed Food?
I do not have to inform you that contemporary farming strategies use ridiculously effective pesticides to reduce crop loss. We all realize that they had use a nuclear bomb at the insects that devour their crops, if simplest it would leave a crop they could promote.
That sounds quite theatrical however you also know they already use radiation to extend the existence of picked produce – the meals they need us to buy and consume.
And permit me tell you, this is one of the main reasons that drove me to undertake a smooth ingesting way of life. To me, dropping weight and keeping a healthful frame size is handiest a by-product to the benefits of consuming smooth. You might also disagree.
We know that meals manufacturers use additives and processing strategies to extend the existence of the stuff they sell. Then they ought to coloration it so shoppers can’t see how awful it appears while it gets old.

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